(Solar Energy) The Space Solar Alliance sees outer space as the perfect place for renewable energy projects. It’s highlighting projects and studies that show that space should be the next frontier for use of solar projects to power Earth.

The group is a strong believer in the “Space Solar Power” concept, which was developed in the late 1960s by Dr. Peter Glaser. The concept is that energy from sunlight is collected in space and transmitted wirelessly for use on Earth.

“As the United States makes decisions now to answer the energy challenges of the next 50 years, space-based solar power must be a part of the answer,” says Mark Hopkins, Senior Vice President of the National Space Society  “The NSSO-led study charts the path forward. While the technical challenges are real, significant investment now can build Space Solar Power into the ultimate energy source: clean, green, renewable, and capable of providing the vast amounts of power that the world will need. Congress, federal agencies and the business community should begin that investment immediately.”

The video below shows the concept in action: