Making your own solar power panel may sound a bit intimidating, but from a cost standpoint, it is a lot cheaper than purchasing everything you need from a retailer.

The solar panel you create won’t be enough to power your entire house, but you will be able to create power for things like electronic devises or appliances. It’s a great way to break into making a full solar power commitment.

Making a Basic Solar Panel
Making a basic solar panel will cost you around $300, which is much cheaper than purchasing one that’s already made.

The materials you need to make a solar power can be found at most hardware stores or, if needed, online (even sells everything you need to make a solar panel).

The easiest solution is to buy a solar panel kit. The kits have everything you need for your solar panel, including the panel, charger, battery, and connectors. Here are a couple of example of solar panel kits:

> Sunforce Solar Lighting Kit (under $200)
> Sunforce 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit ($300)
> Sunfoce 80-Watt Solar Kit (Under $500)

To proceed on your own, without a kit, you’ll need to get a solar panel, rechargeable battery for it (i.e. deep cycle 12 volt lead/acid – no car batteries), battery case and a 12 volt DC meter and DC input. To power appliances, purchase an inverter.

Start making your solar panel by fixing the meter and the input onto the top of the battery box with a drill. You will need to attach the battery to the DC input. Be sure to use insulated wire and start with the negative pole on the battery. Next, connect the solar panel to the battery and close the battery box.

Congratulations, you now have a working solar panel!

The final step is to charge the battery. Place the solar panel in the sun and wait until the battery is fully charged before using your new solar power panel. This process takes about 7 hours. You can now power your appliances and do so without using grid energy. Congrats!