Grand Canyon National Park Gets Solar Solutions


(Solar News) The Grand Canyon Visitor Center is now solar friendly thanks to the installation of 84 photovoltaic solar panels installed around the visitor center. The panels will offset 30% of the power used by the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and educate 4.8 million people a year about the importance of renewable energy resources.

The panels produce 18kw (kilowatts) of electricity after becoming fully operational this month. The installation was made possible by Arizona Public Service and funds it sets aside for renewable energy projects.

“This project is symbolic of the commitment we have at APS to environmental protection, sustainability and to make Arizona the solar capital of the world,” said APS President and Chief Operating Officer Don Robinson “We selected the Grand Canyon for this project because of the opportunity that exists there to educate so many people about renewable energy.”

The Grand Canyon Visitor Center is one of the gateways of the Grand Canyon National Park. The solar panels appear on the visitor center roof and the property around the center.

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